The evolution of a hotel love affair

I am a self-confessed and unashamed luxury travel and hotel addict. I love researching unique travel experiences and combining them with hotels and resorts of all descriptions, styles and genres.

This blog began as a way for me to document my experiences abroad.

Over the years, the Goldman Travel Corporation has grown significantly, and now draws on the expertise of over 50 advisors across four high-end brands. All are passionate about the life moments that great travel, and hotels, can offer.

For some time we’ve wanted to give this wonderful, travelled, group of people a collective voice and create a platform for their experiences to be shared and heard. It is with great pleasure to announce that Hotels Make Me Happy has the opportunity to grow into that platform, beginning with a fresh look and a re-branding as Hotels Make Us Happy.

Our focus will be on providing detailed Hotel Reviews and City Guides, affording you access to our knowledge base and information on the benefits of booking your travel through us.

Our key contributors, in the last month alone, have travelled to Sri Lanka, Dubai, Turkey, Italy, France and the USA and inspected over 50 luxury properties. Next week, a team of seven will descend on Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas and meet with over 1,000 luxury hotels, tour operators and suppliers – but that’s for another post.

We look forward to sharing the world with you and booking you in to see the very best of it.


David Goldman
Founder & Chief Editor, Hotels Make Us Happy
Joint Managing Director, Goldman Travel Corporation

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