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David Goldman
Joint Managing Director, Goldman Travel Corporation

Proudly third generation in travel, David knew from an early age that he would join the family travel business. His school holidays were spent stamping holiday brochures, sending telex’s to hotels and soaking up the excitement of watching the consultants making exotic holiday dreams come true for clients.

“I was lucky. We traveled often as a family and to this day the excitement of walking into a hotel in some glorious part of the world is quite simply the most intoxicating feeling in the world for me. I clearly had inherited the travel bug and hankered after the excitement of exploring and experiencing new places the world over.”

After completing university, David joined Concorde International and undertook a traineeship. In 1996 David joined the family business, understanding that his destiny had been sealed in the travel game.

“I am a self-confessed luxury travel and unashamed hotel addict. I love researching unique travel experiences and combining them with hotels and resorts of all descriptions, styles and genres.”


C_12476516Anthony Goldman
Joint Managing Director, Goldman Group
Interests: Beach & Sun, Family Vacation

C_13349Cher Roscoe
Director, Travelcall
Interests: Food & Wine, Hotels

C_11397312Amy Wyatt
Travel Advisor, Travelcall
Interests: Beach & Sun, Food & Wine
Blog | Instagram

JoshOgilvieJosh Ogilvie
Affiliate Consultant, SmartFlyer Australia
Interests: Beach & Sun, Food & Wine

Gloria_GammoGloria Gammo
Luxury Travel Stylist, GG Inspired, an affiliate of SmartFlyer Australia
Interests: Beach & Sun, Honeymoons
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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